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The View from Here
by Adena Schutzberg, Executive Editor

I’m a big fan of homework. I know that’ll rattle a lot of cages, especially for those of you who have kids who hate it. But, let’s face it, to learn a new skill or improve at something you already know, you need to practice. I practice a lot � I practice the clarinet, I practice running, I even practice fixing flat tires on my bike.
It’s easy for me to practice those things since I know what my goal is and who to ask for guidance. Figuring out what to learn about or practice for your career in geospatial is a bit tougher. There’s so much going on, so many conferences, so many publications, so many apps, so many trends, so many devices� I’m guessing you’ve figured out where this is going? I’m going to offer you some homework topics and assignments. I’ve picked out ten topics about which I get a lot of questions. Sometimes I have time to answer them, sometimes not. But all can be explored by doing, that’s right, a bit of homework. These tend toward the “less technical,” so manager-types should not be put off. Some are not even spatial, per se, but represent technologies that I expect will be required knowledge of everyone, very soon. In short, knowing at least something about these concepts/technologies will help you navigate our changing industry. And if you complete more than a few, on your own time or the company’s time, if they make that available for “independent study,” drop an e-mail to the bosses to let them know of your explorations. Read more

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