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Health regions: boundaries and correspondence with census geography

Health Regions 2005 describes in detail the health region limits as of June 2005 and their correspondence with the 1996 and 2001 Census geography. Health regions are defined by the provinces and represent administrative areas or regions of interest to health authorities. This product contains correspondence files (linking health regions to census geographic codes) and digital boundary files. User documentation provides an overview of health regions, sources, methods, limitations and product description (file format and layout).

In addition to the geographic files, this product also includes 2001 Census data (basic profile) for health regions.

Health region boundary files

Digital boundary files reflecting health region limits in effect as of June 2005.

Ontario (ArcGIS/ArcView format)

  • Public health unit (3.0 MB)
  • Local Health Integration Network (4.9 MB)
    (Revised 2006)

Census data

2001 Census data ‘profile’ provides a statistical overview at the health region level, presenting most of the census variables.

Census profile of health regions

2001 Basic profile (1,217kb) – Revised April 2006 to reflect current LHIN boundaries in Ontario. (Beyond 20/20 format)

Correspondence files

Code-to-code correspondence between health regions and both 1996 and 2001 Census geographic units.


Health region-to-2001 Census dissemination area (blocks for Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta)


  • Public health unit
  • Local Health Integration Network
    (Revised April 2006)


Health region-to-1996 Census enumeration area

  • Ontario Local Health Integration Network
  • (Revised April 2006)

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