Update Canada’s Topo Maps

Until February 28th, the Ministry of Finance is calling for input on its budget priorities. As with the campaign for the print topographic maps last fall, it is important to make our politicians aware that it is necessary to keep topographic maps of Canada up-to-date.

Input into the government’s budget priorities is an important step to raise the awareness of mapping. If you agree please submit 50 words or less to the Ministry of Finance’s online pre-budget consultations, in the priority category: Other.

Sample statement:

The Government of Canada must ensure complete and up-to-date topographic maps of Canada by Natural Resources Canada to: defend our sovereignty and security in the face of global realities, support our search and rescue teams, monitor Canada’s environmental and natural resources base.

Link to a Min. Finance Response Area – http://www.mapsforcanadians.ca/budget.htm

Link to a Template letter – http://www.mapsforcanadians.ca/letter.htm

See much more here – www.mapsforcanadians.ca for more information.

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