2006 Census – Age & Sex

All of you data geeks are probably revelling in the 2006 Census – Age & Sex release yesterday (July 17, 2007). What is really nice is the amount of data that Statistics Canada has released. Of course, we would like ALL of the data, but this is a positive step forward. Although we can’t yet get dissemination area (DA) and Census Tract (CT) data for neighbourhood level analysis (at least not in easy to use tabular form), we can get data down to the CSD (municipality) level, including tables that provide data for single year breakouts. Also, if you use the GeoSearch mapping tool, you can view some thematic maps by Census Tract and by using the Identify tool, get a Census Tract profile. Of course, you can only see one CT at a time, but again, some progress in liberating the data. I am providing some links to some of these ways of seeing the latest Census release. Enjoy.

2006 Census Age & Sex – Main Page

Age and Sex Highlight Tables, 2006 Census
Table 1 Population by broad age groups and sex
Table 2 Median age by sex along with age group ratios
Table 3 Population by broad age groups and sex by the Statistical Area Classification

Topic-based tabulations: Age and sex

2006 Community Profiles

Census Tract (CT) Profiles, 2006 Census
Option 1 – Find census tract data using a postal code
Option 2 – Find census tract data using GeoSearch2006

GeoSearch 2006
Includes ability to do some basic thematic mapping by Census Tract and link to CT profiles.

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