Challenger Relief Map of British Columbia

I came across this on another blog, highlight the efforts to preserve a unique display. This topographic map was first displayed at the Pacific National Exhibition in Vancouver until 1997, but has been trying to find a permanent home since then. Recently, it has found a home at the Vancouver International Airport, although this is not a permanent solution. Read and see more at the the Challenger Relief Map website.

What is BC’s Challenger Map?

The Challenger Map of British Columbia is a monumental, 80-by-76 foot topographic map of the province. It features all of B.C.’s mountains, lakes, rivers and valleys in exact-scaled topographical detail.

The Guinness Book of Records cites the Challenger relief map as the largest in the world. The map in its entirety occupies 6,080 feet square feet of space.

In all, 986,000 pieces of plywood, hand-cut, make up the map structure.

via The Map Room

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