Elections Canada Releases Polling Division Boundary Shape Files on GeoGratis

The title says it all. YEAH!

This comes courtesy of Pundits Guide (www.punditsguide.ca) in the following post:


I think I must have been among the three people Pundits Guide mentioned that jumped for joy at this announcement.

To download the files, go to: http://www.geogratis.gc.ca/download/electoral/2008/

To get the election results data by polling division, go to Elections Canada website: http://www.elections.ca/intro.asp?section=pas&document=index&lang=e

Then, after choosing the election you want, make sure to click on the Go to the raw data version (for researchers)

For example, to access the data from the last federal election, the link is: http://www.elections.ca/scripts/resval/ovr_40ge.asp?prov=&lang=e

So go get the data and start making some maps!

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