The Rise of Digital Democracy

Some new websites have popped up recently that allow Canadian citizens to better see what government is doing. Launched this past week, is a website that. As it says on the About page of the site:

You can do great stuff with prosaic municipal data, and some cities, from Nanaimo to Toronto, are passing open data resolutions and starting to share information. Things are looking up. Communities are forming. But, unlike other countries, Canada doesn’t yet have a federal open data plan or culture. We can do better.

Also check out, a site that provides information on how your member of parliament has been voting, complete with “complete with voting history, dissension, attendance and speaking habits.”

There is an article in the Globe & Mail titled “If you won’t tell us about our MPs, we’ll do it for you” that summarizes some of these recent developments and provides the context for greater transparency and accountability from all levels of government.

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